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#702, December 3 - December 9:
The Weekly Extreme Str8ts Puzzle

by Andrew Stuart

WARNING: This is the Weekly 'Extreme' Str8ts.
Only attempt this puzzle if you have time and patience.
Using the solver will not help you. (much).

Since there has been interesting strategy discussion on these puzzles and by popular request, I have opened an archive on the last thirty weeks. The discussion section is open for continued posting.
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by: kst


by: TRP

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I thought this must be quite difficult after the long period of silence, but once you find the start it's pure fun.

by: kst


by: Martinus

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Tough. Needs VCE, and settis. Thanks!

by: kst

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by: kst


by: kmr

Not difficult, but very funny. H/L in columns 4 and 6 was my key. Thanks, kst.


by: jgrab

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Very nice, indeed. Hi/lo in col 4 comes from CE alone.

by: kst


by: Nessi

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A very fine puzzle, thank you kst!

by: MartinL

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Considering a 2 in F6 and the uniqueness of the resulting solution in the upper left corner, solves the puzzle quite nicely.

by: Klaus


B3=4 helps


by: KDN

Easy when you spot the naked pair in column 4


by: KDN

No hint needed


by: hp

I found the puzzle quite difficult, no chance for me without Klaus hint, did not find a naked pair in column 4,
before the hint xwing 3 and 8 possible, but doesn't help,
even after hint still hard work, different settis, a nice UR for the final


by: BP

We didn't see the naked pair either, but found a chainfree solution which besides several wings uses several URs and one SI in the following order:

UR: 7 not in HJ5; B1 <> 4; BC2 <> 4; F69 <> 17; 4 in B; D9 <> 4 [otherwise GHJ8 and GHJ9 could be swapped]

SI: 9 not in C => 9 not in B, contradiction to setti 9.

UR: C2 <> 2.

Many thanks, Andrew, for the challenge!


by: BP

I forgot: Our solution works without the hint.


by: kris

@BP: I cannot see a uniqueness issue in case of F6==7 or 4 not in B


by: BP

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You're right about F6. Sorry for the mistake! I hink, however, we didn't really need that one.
4 in B: If 4 not in B then B1=1 and you can substitute it by 4.

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  • Got there in the end... Thanks!
    - triemers
  • 20 min - only with Klaus' hint on the second attempt
    - Beate
  • 10 Min - mit Tipp von Klaus
    - humpti dumpti
  • 20 min with all hints - very helpful the hint from BP, that there is no 7 in HJ5 and of course the hint from Klaus, always helpful :)
    - Susi
  • 14 min - with Klaus' hint
    - Susan
  • 22" very nice one, needed hint from Klaus and naked pairs in col 4
    - Bassam
  • Needed hints but eventually got it.
    - mparmen
  • After failing in first attempt without KlausĀ“ hint, I finished it then in one hour.
    - H.E.
  • ca. 2 h - mit viel raten und ausprobieren
    - wjanet
  • hard work, xwings and settis, until finally the naked pair appears
    - AB Traherne
  • > 1 h - setti on 8, swordfish on 8, and I would not call it a naked pair, but a naked quadruple in column 4
    - RudiK
  • 61 min. a real 5 star, thank you Andrew
    - Nessi
  • 39' very nice, no hint needed, starting with setti 8 and 2
    - Hel
  • 32 min with Klaus' hint; couldn't find a naked pair in col 4
    - Ollie
  • 38 .min. difficult, very nice settis and x-wings
    - juehe
  • 60 min, nicht einfach
    - Torsten&Irina
  • nice, wings, some setti, some fish and a naiked pair
    - ThomasF
  • with Klaus' hint 19 min, without his hint not solvable for me
    - Alex
  • 35' one x-wing and some settis did the job
    - KDN
  • 48 mins with Klaus' hint and a serious consideration of D3. Very hard.
    - Miss P
  • > 1h. Tough one with an easy solution. Nice :-)
    - MartinL
  • unsolveable - just with a good guess
    - puzzled one
  • 37 min, lucky decision in AB8
    - poblid
  • 42', mittelschwer
    - zoo-pony
  • Tough: about 70 minutes Needed one long chain. Eventually enough settis won the day
    - puzzled
  • Ouch, this one is a little more difficult than previous weeks. Going back to bed and trying again later :)
    - Marc