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#714, February 25 - March 2:
The Weekly Extreme Str8ts Puzzle

by Andrew Stuart

WARNING: This is the Weekly 'Extreme' Str8ts.
Only attempt this puzzle if you have time and patience.
Using the solver will not help you. (much).

Since there has been interesting strategy discussion on these puzzles and by popular request, I have opened an archive on the last thirty weeks. The discussion section is open for continued posting.
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by: hone

Try to fork it to a new tab. Hope it works for everybody.

Note: I regard clues in a palace as restricting the candidates of unsolved white cells not only in the clue's row and column but also in its palace. Be it a white or black clue. Came to think about it when I noticed to never having seen black cell clues in B/X puzzles (except in my first try).


by: jgrab

Thanks; it worked well and was fun. My first successful B-puzzle!


by: hone

Congrats ;)


by: Ben

Add to this thread
If by palace, you mean the 3x3 block/box/grid/region, then yes, that is certainly the case.

An interesting observation about clues seldom being in black cells. But there is no restriction to doing so. Looking back, I found a few examples:
- B the very first two B puzzles in week 530 (by Morl & Leren) had lots of clues in black cells, but I know of none since.
- BX kst put clues in the black cells in weeks 607 & 608 but I know of no other examples
- X cluses in the black cells used to be relatively common, but the most recent example that I found was week 584 (kst), prior to that Morl in weeks 519/524

by: waltweb

Die Lösung liegt in GHJ. Und die einzige Frage ist dabei: Wo ist die 9? Der Rest geht dann Schritt für Schritt ohne großes Jedöns. If you are that 1 native english speaker here: Use google translator. Best :-) And: Hail Andrew!


by: BP

@waltweb: This is an international forum with common language English. It is not particularly welcoming to post in German. Maybe you could use Google Translator yourself before posting. And by the way, Hail is not the best word to use, especially in an otherwise German post.


by: Willi

1:0 for BP.


by: KDN

I fully agree with BP


by: Flo

Full support to BP.


by: pets

@waltweb: please apologize for your comment and especially for the absolutely inappropriate "hail"! German history leaves no room for ambiguity here.
@Andrew: Thank you for all your efforts and today's brilliant extreme. Please accept my apology for walterweb's pathetic comment.
All the best and love from Munich,


by: Berny

Well spoken, BP and pets! Nothing to add...


by: ttbass

viele Dank, @waltweb. I am "the one native English speaker here" and was glad for the hint. It wouldn't bother me to use translator, as I would never expect that participation is limited only to those, who write in English. Being open is as important as multilanguage skills. As for hail... it is only a word. The German version is not one I would use, but the English version does not have the same taboo. To me, your smiley face and rejoicing of Andrew and his skills was very clearly only meant as light commentary. Thanks, TTBass


by: KDN

This has been an English forum from the beginning on and in my opinion it should stay that way(think about all the other non-English speaking people woldwide).

Additionally, this forum is a place for the Str8ts community and is used for the exchange about the puzzles only. Political debates and opinions do not belong here!

Katja from Eckental


by: proteus

Add to this thread
full support for BP, pets, and KDN!

by: BP - Setti Tutorial

Hi to everybody only being here on sundays: As Andrew has announced middle of last week I've created another tutorial, this one on Setti's rule in standard str8ts. The level is more basic than in my B Str8ts tutorial. It explains Setti's rule in detail and with several examples. It also covers Black Cell Analysis (BCA), setti considerations and - my favorite - combined settis. You can find the tutorial in the main menue under "Setti Strategy".

Many thanks to Andrew for hosting the tutorial!




by: Andrew Stuart

Add to this thread
Hi All. I have enabled my new comments system on certain pages such as BP's Setti and B-Stra8ts strategies. Cheers

by: MartinL

Reply to this post
Settis, fishes, UR... At the end, I found the solution by the question, whether there can be a "2" in column 9.

by: kst



by: Cosmanita

Nice one, develop step by step using standard b and x tools.


by: Martinus

Like Cosmanita. Thank you, kst!


by: Susan

Little chain in the end, but nice!


by: tg

Nice. No chain needed. - Thanks


by: optimator

another good one, thanks kst


by: Setti

Like it, nice one, thanks kst!


by: Loser

nice set - thx kst


by: BP

Add to this thread
Like Cosmanita and others. Nice!

by: kst



by: Martinus

CE and settis, needed a small chain, but in the end I dont know if this was really necessary. Thanks, kst!


by: optimator

I solved most quickly, but finally found a swordfish to finish


by: BP

Add to this thread
@optimator: I'm stuck after 35 solved cells. Can you tell where to find that swordfish?

by: kst



by: jgrab

Thanks. Found this one very hard. Towards the end, did not know how to decide J9 hi/lo and started with the lucky decision.


by: Aubinger

@jgrab: Doesn't matter. Both paths lead shortly to same value in G6.


by: BP

Excellent challenge, tough but chainfree. Here are my non-standard moves after a couple of solved cells:

SI (or just CE): both choices of hi/lo in J6789 immediately lead to D8=5, C6=1.

UR: H4<>1

NT 348 in col 2

UR: F1<>69

Setti Consideration: 2 not in H => H9=1 => 2 not in J. Contradiction.

Setti Consideration: E9=1 => 2 not in E,J. Contradiction.

Both choices in J8 lead to G8=3:
J8=8: trivial
J8=2 => By setti 2: E9=3 => By setti 3: 3 in col8, G8=3.

Many thanks, kst!


by: Ben

I couldn't follow your path @BP. I must have missed some standard moves - which it seems eliminated some candidates in J2, without which the NT is not there and nothing further down your moves is doable.

So, for me, I found that if J6789 was hi, all 4's were clearly eliminated from column 4.


by: BP

I think CE and settis were enough in J. After H4<>1 8 is sure in col 8 and therefore in J. 4 and 7 were also sure so J23=34 or J2=78.

Before that there were several singles:
8 in B
7 in C
5 in cols 9,1
1 in col 2

That was enough or maybe I made a lucky mistake.


by: Auwei

@BP: You left me hopelessly in the rear. I got as far as C6=1, but I could (again) not detect your UR, erasing 1 as candidate in H4. The next one (69) is obvious, even to me...


by: BP

@Auwei: If H4=1 then you can replace it by 8.
[In Detail: If H4=1 then no 8 in col 4 and no 8 in H and ranges in H1234567 and BCDEFGH4 are 1234567. Therefore H4=1 can be replaced by H4=8.)


by: ben

Add to this thread
Thanks BP, that makes perfect sense.

I also needed a long chain to prove "Both choices in J8 lead to G8=3"

by: kst



by: Nessi

A very fine puzzle as every week. Thank you, kst.


by: jgrab

Very nhice and smooth, thanks. Includes a nice Setti consideration like in BP's description.


by: BP

Started with a big fish, then smooth but not too easy. many thanks!


by: Jan

Add to this thread
I found susprising that in a puzzle with so many black cells and comparatively short compartments, setti worked in so many ways - and also that the last straw (for me, at least) was an x-wing on 9.

by: jgrab

Not too difficult. A little HC/UR constellation clears GHJ5 hi/lo, and the rest is str8tforward.


by: Jens

A beast with several Wings and two Swordfishes. I needed an UR too.
Many thanks to Andrew!!!


by: Hel

Very nice, setti 1/9 consideration solves hi/lo in column 5.


by: Auwei

I love URs, and this time I made use of 3 of them.
Have a nice sunday!


by: BP

Great puzzle. Standard tools plus also 3 URs. But needed definitely more than jgrab's 20 minutes.


by: jgrab

Sorry, I didn't want to swank. But it was easy to disprove GHJ5=hi; either by UR (if GHJ4=hi) or by row J running out of range (if GHJ4=lo). So GHJ5=lo and GHJ4=hi.


by: BP

@jgrab: no need to be sorry, we slower ones are just full of admiration!


by: Cosmanita

Thanks for the good hint to check all h/l GHJ4 and h/l HGJ5 options for possible UR (with 4 and 5.).


by: Jan

I'm with Hel on this one: If you assume GHJ5 high, the 9s and 1s in the upper part are forced and rows BC run out of 1s. After that things are straightforward.


by: hoke

Add to this thread
The swordfish 4 in rows agi leads to the same h/l result in col 5. Thanks Andrew!

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  • 39' on my 5th try. Guessed low/high column 5.
    - Essie
  • 21 min - thanks to Korbinian! Love this kind of hints.
    - Beate
  • started right with Korbinians hints and had a lot of fun by that 18'
    - Ske
  • assume GHJ6=HIGH, then G2=G6=J2=J6=45 (a classical UR) Then 1 setti, 2URs
    - climber
  • Many thanks to Korbinian for the hint. A hard nut, indeed, but now the puzzle is solved. 1h.
    - S. Walt
  • 41 min - eine harte Nuss. Danke an Korbinian!
    - Rot
  • complete guess on the 5th attempt
    - Daniel
  • Wow! What a hard nut - full toolbox required. Assuming no gap between A7 and the str8t A3/A4/A5/A6 & A4=B1=C7=G9 speeds up things.
    - Korbinian Bär
  • 55' with a number of chains. Thx.
    - triemers
  • could not solve the puzzle, sorry, too difficult for me.
    - S. Walt
  • 1h07!!
    - humpti dumpti
  • not easy
    - ToniF
  • After the initial headchain, very nice with a lot of wings
    - Jan
  • done this morning - don't know how long
    - Loser
  • logic? intuition!!
    - chris
  • its helpful to consider the 4, 5, 6 in rows GHJ. Nevertheless hard stuff.
    - Rainer
  • After hours (with some breaks) I tumbled to the finish > nice 5*
    - Dias
  • 31 min, not so easy!
    - meli
  • 25 min 4 fish, 5 fish, 2 setti and UR (or quick chain) to find right position of 4 in row A
    - OneGuess
  • > 1h, hard stuff
    - ThomasF
  • ~40' not so hard but needed many tools. CE then swordfish to start
    - optimator
  • 70' puh!
    - l.
  • Spent an hour an failed first attempt. Second attempt, used jgrabs hint and completed in 15 min
    - Maven
  • Hours - for me helpful was to find the only 9 in GHJ (Massage from waltweb)and the cryptical hint of martinL. Thanks!
    - Susi
  • 1 hour and 15 min, not easy but beautiful- Settis, hidden pairs and logic. Lovely
    - Emma
  • 45 min- Hard nut but chainless :)
    - effchen
  • Difficult,but about two hours with HI/LO and SI 2 I did it.
    - H.E.
  • 60 min
    - Julioflor
  • 17 mins, nice and challenging
    - Setti
  • 18 min. nice one
    - Nessi
  • 36' WC
    - pax
  • 108 Minuten - mit viel raten
    - wjanet
  • 55 min, nicht leicht, wings, settis, hi/lo
    - Torsten&Irina
  • 1h4min, schwer. In 20 min kaum zu schaffen!
    - zoo-pony
  • 36' using my little Excel helper. Bit of everything: settis, fishes, UR. Really nice one. Thanks, Andrew!
    - MartinL
  • 61' WC - but very hard
    - Hel
  • 30' nice one, lot og hi/lo decisions, some settis
    - Bassam
  • 38 nin, quite challenging
    - Alex
  • 20 min
    - jgrab