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#676, June 4 - June 10:
The Weekly Extreme Str8ts Puzzle

by Andrew Stuart

WARNING: This is the Weekly 'Extreme' Str8ts.
Only attempt this puzzle if you have time and patience.
Using the solver will not help you. (much).

Since there has been interesting strategy discussion on these puzzles and by popular request, I have opened an archive on the last thirty weeks. The discussion section is open for continued posting.
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by: hone

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@flo: As the forum on is still down you can compare your solutions with the following CSV-files (0=Black, negative=Black clue)





CSVs of the unsolved puzzles are posted in WE#673

by: Stepf

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19', Lots of Logic but nothing else 🙂

by: hp

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very nice pattern,
one GAP F789 enough to solve, rest does the solver

by: kst


by: kris

very nice, (box-)setti was essential, thanks kst


by: ThomasF

indeed, very nice, like kris; thanks


by: Martinus

Settis, box settis, one UR. Thanks!


by: Susan

Very nice, just the right level of difficulty


by: kmr

Absolutely agree with Susan. Perfect level of difficulty.


by: ralph maier

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Finally i had to redo it a lot . no chains settis CE and box settis

by: kst


by: aw

Roaring silence usually has a meaning, too ... <:-)

Spoiler alert: After settis 5,6,7,8,4 and conditional settis 2,3 (and an UR EH78) the right (lower) alternative in E5 solves (comparatively easyly), while the wrong (higher) alternative can be falsified (comparatively hard to do).

Nevertheless too hard and chainy to be real fun (at least for me) :-)
... which does NOT mean that I am not extremly grateful for ALL the puzzles!


by: Augenweide

no 9 in col 6 leads to error:
J4=3,H4=1, 6 mand in col 4, no 9 in col4
9 mand in blk 2,8 but only present in col 9
Very challenging puzzle, thanks to kst for perpetuous(?) joy


by: kmr

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Thank you for the hint, Augenweide. For me it was the key to the solution. Nonetheless: Challenging.

by: kst


by: pax

Thank you kst, this one took me some time and HC. BX was quick and easy :)


by: jgrab

Took me some time as well, thanks. Had one chain at the beginning to clear J123 hi/lo, then it went smooth until the end when bottom left corner made some difficulties.


by: ralph maier

re thediagonals 2-7 and 8-0 and the other one 5-7and 1-4 ??? ori did something wrong and i am stuck


by: Maven

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Ralph: your diagonals are correct, assuming you mean 8-9

I got stuck on the lower-left after one early chain. Had to use a second chain to solve.

by: kst


by: Nessi

a very fine puzzle.


by: TRP

Very hard, for me only possible with HC and UR.


by: Augenweide

after 14 solved cells you can see that 2 can be missing only in 1 column, but must be missing in at least 1 row


by: Maven

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Took a long time. The hint on 2 was very helpful.
Thanks for the puzzle!

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  • Stuck a few times. Thanks to Greg's hint I did it finally.
    - Fred
  • 15! nice and easy, setts
    - Bassam
  • 24 ok for me
    - dwg
  • 19 min. 1 setti, logic
    - juehe
  • Lovely puzzle. Just right.
    - Essie
  • Lovely puzzle. Just right.
    - Essie
  • Lovely puzzle. Just right.
    - Essie
  • Lovely puzzle. Just right.
    - Essie
  • 10' easy
    - Tosthene
  • 19:03 - nice monday - Thanks
    - Latimer
  • done
    - chris
  • 36 min - alles logisch
    - Rot
  • 24 mins Thanks to Greg's hint.
    - CC
  • 25' min with just logic fun. Thanx!
    - UZ
  • 21'15'', nice one with a couple of settis and some logic.
    - pefferlass
  • Thanks Greg, finished it at last
    - WiltshireEagle
  • machbar, mit Settis und einem Widerspruch gelöst. Danke
    - S. Walt
  • 2nd attempt. On first attempt failed to notice F8 could not be 5.
    - Greg
  • Yeah! Did it! (but needed 3 starts ...)
    - A B Traherne
  • 17 min
    - Alex
  • 15' liked that one a lot
    - Ske
  • Some settis, C9 = mount everest.
    - marianne
  • Good Puzzle to do without candidates
    - Flo
  • 20' second attempt, I needed Settis
    - Emma
  • 24 min. - very nice
    - Nessie
  • Made it after a lot of interruptions. Thanks.
    - triemers
  • 8 min - easy, just filling in numbers
    - Susan
  • very nice puzzle, no special tools needed but still very nice 23 min
    - easydoesit
  • 13 min only with singles and x-wings. A good one for a very sunny day
    - Charlie
  • 22 min - nice work-out
    - Beate
  • 25'11 on second try. Only logic
    - Michael
  • Needed a chain.
    - mparmen
  • 10' relaxing
    - Maven
  • 15 min. - fish of 6 does it all
    - tbr
  • 11 mins, a lot of singles - no settis or any sea cretures needed.
    - Miss P
  • Quite easy. 23 min, though.
    - jgrab
  • 32' min - needed some settis and seafood
    - COM
  • 22 min - exactly the same opinion as Korbinian Bär
    - Michael
  • 11 min - after right h/l decision in column 5
    - Susi
  • 8 min - nina you're right
    - Nessi
  • 21' - Nice one.
    - LK
  • 45' WC
    - Hel
  • 20 Min. just logic!
    - Joe Reitzl
  • 39 min, the right position of 4 in 9
    - poblid
  • 18' smooth
    - Richard
  • 35:39 No special tools (not even settis) needed - Very careful elimination & intense watch for singles is enough. Really nice one - Thanks!
    - Korbinian Bär
  • about 20 min
    - Loser
  • CE in row F - done.
    - OneGuess
  • Great: A single big Fish solves all.
    - Jens
  • 6' I wonder if I made a mistake somewhere (i.e. a wrong assumption) which made me so much quicker than anybody else.
    - nina
  • 23‘ no setis, wings, chains, fishes
    - TheSunnyOne
  • Hm, 50 min, needed a chain...
    - schnutep
  • 28' - very nice for a lazy sunday morning
    - Volker
  • 26' -2nd attempt
    - alopex
  • 25' after an innitial mistake it was nice and easy ;)
    - susu
  • 26'12 easy
    - Joe
  • No candidates
    - pax
  • 22', settis, singles, nice
    - Ute
  • 21'50 leicht, kein Problem
    - zoo-pony
  • 24'15 good fpr me :-)
    - Stephan