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5 Daily Puzzles for the iPad

Looking for the definitive number puzzle app for your iPad?
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We have created something special - each day there are twenty number puzzles to download and play in this App, four of each grade of five different puzzles. Take your pick from Sudoku, Killer Sudoku, Str8ts, Jigsaw Sudoku and Kakuro - or solve all five!

5x4 Daily Puzzles

Our Best Puzzles

We're very proud of these puzzles - they come from the same stock we regularly send for print in newspapers around the world so we know pretty quickly if we're not producing the best puzzles. We have been making classic puzzles since 2005 and Str8ts since 2008 and hundreds of solvers have helped us hone the logical strategies we use to make them. Because we use logic to make and grade them we are very confident of the grade spectrum they have been placed on and we can also say that the different between the easiest and the hardest should be very noticeable. So whether you are a novice or a pro there is a puzzle to match your skill.

We absolutely guarantee a single solution and theoretically you should never need to guess. Because of the strategy logic we use, even the hardest puzzles have a logical pathway to the end, although it might be obscure to say the least. If you want to check the puzzles or are stuck you know there are Sudoku solvers on this site and a Str8ts solver over at

If have not seen Str8ts before - give it a go. We think it rivals Sudoku for depth and playability. Str8ts is unique to us and one of several new puzzles we are very excited about.

Main Screen
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Some features of the App...
You can request a new set of each puzzle (use the "New" button on each player) or you can keep working on the current puzzles.

New puzzles are available at midnight GMT-5 which is Eastern Standard Time (US) minus any Summer Time. The hour locally for you is shown on the front page. Using the "New" button on each player will fetch today's puzzles if they are not already loaded. If you are going offline and play all the puzzles, you will need to use "New" on all the players you want to download the puzzles for.

Your progress is always saved for each of the twenty puzzles. You can leave or quit the app at any time and come back to the unfinished puzzle. The only exception to this is the undo/redo which is saved for just one of each grade of each puzzle. If you change grades the undo/redo will be lost. We find most people use the undo/redo rarely and mostly within one puzzle.

Some people like to time themselves, others find the idea of a ticking timer very annoying. You can choose to display the timer by tapping the checkbox on the main page on or off.
About the Puzzles

If you want to contact us about the app or the puzzles please feel free to use the feedback form or you can contact directly.
We do try and get back to everyone who writes in.

Best of luck solving!

Andrew Stuart

Norfolk, UK

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