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Since there has been interesting strategy discussion on these puzzles and by popular request, I have opened an archive on the last thirty weeks. The discussion section is open for continued posting.
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funny little thing i stumbled upon by accident:

trying G2=3 solves all 3's and results in a 1-cell-UR in G1. this elimination makes this one an easy Setti puzzle.


by: kolumbus

different way without chain/UR:
H1≠4 (contradiction to Setti 4) -> G1≠3 -> G2≠2 -> F2=2 (Setti 2, in any case, if G1 is 2 or not)


by: Klaus

Hi kolumbus,

you consider "H1≠4 (contradiction to Setti 4)" as "without chain"?

by the way: H1<>4 is given by a Jellyfish


by: Toni

Dear kolumbus, I don't see the "contradiction to Setti 4" as both G1 and H1 can contain a 4


by: Toni

Sorry, now I see the fish! Thanks.


by: hp

interesting discussion.
chainless way to solve might be:
4 fish 4 to eliminate the 4 in H1
3 fish 2 to eliminate the 2 in E2
BCA on 6, rest does the solver


by: pax

Just also solved it with H1 can't be 4 because of setti 4 and the UR Klaus also found.
My major issue: I'm solving all puzzles on my phone (Samsung), no solver. Since today if I klick on a cell it shows me (mostly meaningless) figures as a proposal, which are hiding other fields. Very disturbing... Anybody a hint how to get rid of that?


by: Klaus

Hi pax,

had, i think the same issue some weeks ago with Chrome on my laptop.

as some other user, forgot the name, indicated, its got to do with with AutoFill-Einstellungen. i deactivate this now while solving the puzzles and that resolves the problem.


by: Ben


I recommend using It's not a solver, but allows you to enter candidates and is able to highlight digits (by clicking column heading). You simply copy&paste the is/gd/... url - or enter no url to get the weekly extreme.

I can't remember the user that wrote it.


by: pax

Add to this thread
@Ben, Klaus
Thank you for the hint, I deactivated Autofill, all fine now!



by: Rost

Please Help me. I am a Cookie. Whats tue meaning of you Post??


by: pets

@Rost: copy as URL in your browser and have fun with Leren`s X straits. X means that both diagonals A1-J9 and J1-A9 follow str8ts rules as well


by: jgrab

I failed two times, always something wrong towards the end. In find this significantly more difficult than the plain X variant below.


by: Leren

@ jgrab

If you can find the embedded solution you can check to see where you have gone wrong. Alternatively, if you have a blank cell towards the end I can give you its value. It's a bit early in the week to post the whole solution - don't want to publish a spoiler just yet.


by: Christoph

It was hard work. My solution is setti-based, incl. a head chain that excludes one of the two candidates in J1.
may be that I had a lucky failure somewhere.


by: jgrab

@ Leren: Of course, I can always inspect the solution in the resolved URL line.


by: Leren

@ Christoph

A standard fish solves G7 and J1 falls shortly after.

@ jgrab

Nice trick about the URL line. Looks like all my puzzles contain a spoiler :)


by: Christoph

I have done it once more. I can confirm that I had no lucky failure. My solution is based on standard tools, except the head chain to exclude one of the two candidates in J1, as mentiond befor.
Leren, I had not sen the fish you mentioned.
Verv nice, challenging puzzle.


by: BP

Not so medium for me, probably overlooked something. Got to 17 solved cells easily (including G7 and J1), but then needed two short head chains to remove 5 from H9 and 7 from J6.


by: Lewis

At 17 solved cells you can find an x-wing (twisted), which directly solves H4 and then the rest. So far I didn't need any (head-) chains.


by: BP

Add to this thread
@Lewis: Ah, you're right, completely missed that one! Thanks for sharing it!!!



by: pets

Thank you, Leren! Develops nicely step by step


by: Augenweide

A hard one, to me there were quite big "gaps" between pets's "steps". Hard but good, thank you Leren!


by: BP

Hard work, needed whole toolbox, many fishes, naked triples and a very short head chain. Thanks, Leren!


by: pax

Add to this thread
After a lot of CE finally a setti contradiction on 8 solved. Very hard work, indeed



Reserved for discussion of Andrew's puzzle


by: Andrejs

Add to this thread
I'd like to tell how I solved this puzzle. After finding the candidates, all sure digits and preparing all Setti, I made sure I had no idea how to proceed. I rolled over and didn't check for fish patterns. I decided to use alternative solutions.
Alternative one: A8=2/3. It managed to solve some cells.
Alternative 2: Column 1 and row G contain 3 / do not contain 3. It solved the whole puzzle.
All this of course took time and patience.

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  • 10:51
       - Jo - 1 day ago
  • 11 min - pure logic
       - relijo - 1 day ago
  • 24`- only 1 setti needed
       - ihgs - 2 days ago
  • 36 min - one guess at F8
       - puh - 2 days ago
  • Started easy. Then got challenging, 40 min on Second try
       - Fleurette - 3 days ago
  • 14 min - second attempt; easy start, but got stuck then. Nice one!
       - Susan - 4 days ago
  • 25:40, with a little bit luck
       - SL - 4 days ago
  • 25:00 settis and logic
       - joe reitzl - 4 days ago
  • 53 minuten,
       - wjanet - 5 days ago
  • 23 min, settis and logic
       - EC - 5 days ago
  • Very hard. Finally and happily, I've got it
       - Jutta - 5 days ago
  • Settis and fish - no hints this week yea !!!
       - Big Papi 86 - 5 days ago
  • did it, but had to read the hint (i even saw the jellyfish on 4, but did not combine it with the one on 2)
       - joeB - 5 days ago
  • 34'30'' manually, lost time by not taking the clue in J1 into account 8-(
       - Jan - 5 days ago
  • 14 Min Settis
       - Max - 5 days ago
  • 23 min beim 2.versuch. sehr nett
       - angelo74 - 6 days ago
  • 17' - took me a while to see the swordfish
       - Jo - 6 days ago
  • 14 on 2nd trial makes me feel gooood....
       - emil - 6 days ago
  • 24min, standard techniques
       - COM - 6 days ago
  • 23 min settis and logic - and thanks to Korbinian
       - Hoppi - 6 days ago
  • 40' stuck until I saw Klaus' hint of a jellyfish.
       - Fab - 6 days ago
  • 25 min - setties and the lucky but obviosly guess..............
       - effchen - 6 days ago
  • 25' Setti combination is the key
       - bsz - 6 days ago
  • 22 min. Very logical for the most part.
       - D-Day - 6 days ago
  • 20 min, nice + easy
       - Boerny - 6 days ago
  • 9 min, nice
       - un - 6 days ago
  • 13:45, no tricks, no guess, just str8t ahead
       - fred - 6 days ago
  • 29' one settie.Good for me ... I like it
       - Volker - 6 days ago
  • 18 min. - many settis
       - Nessie - 6 days ago
  • with the right guess in F8 simple
       - easydoesit - 6 days ago