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Since there has been interesting strategy discussion on these puzzles and by popular request, I have opened an archive on the last thirty weeks. The discussion section is open for continued posting.
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39:36 after one false gess 1 in G9


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Thanks morl, what would we do without you.
But what happened to our other creators? Come on guys, don't be shy, we need some more stuff!



by: jgrab

Thanks. 13 min. Easy as well; just careful elimination.


by: Sonja

Finally an X again - thank you! Nice and easy.


by: elnathan

Could someone explain to me, what this means, that it is an X puzzle? thank you!!



additionally to rows and columns you have to care about the two diagonals.


by: elnathan

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thank you! with this information it is really fairly easy, before I was struggling a bit ;)


Here it is... the Number 2!


by: jgrab

Thanks. 16 min; surprisingly easy, only CE.


by: Sonja

Liked it a lot; many thanks, morl!


by: Jan

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Sixteen minutes as well...


@morl: Do you have "a number 2" in you drawer??!!--- Many thanks from the whole forum for your understanding!!!


by: jgrab

... or anybody else ...


by: JJ

a X puzzle would be nice. Thx.


by: Tati

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I've been away for a while and I can't find any X-straits any more - is there a reason for this?


Just worked last week's and noted a head chain that avoids the URs (which I find difficult to see in this case). With 22 cells solved with the help of (for me) x-wings, there are three columns that must contain 2 and four rows that offer to do so. But rows E and G cannot both contain 2 because then columns 8 and 9 don't have enough 5s left. So row J must contain 2, which solves.


by: Ben

A great observation Jan. Basically a combined setti on 2 & 5.


by: jan

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Agreed - that is a better and easier way of looking at it.



by: Loser

found two solutions, but still fun


by: kolumbus

Thanks morl for the hard nut, needed two quite long chains.
@Loser: I think there is only one (unique) solution.


by: jgrab

Thanks. Used one chain: Where's the 2 in F1-6?


by: Loser

@kolumbus: A3B3 mustn't be high. They could be also in the mid range.


by: Max

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My "solution" looks just fine, but I get the message 26 cells are wrong. Maybe there are 2 solutions?


Just one Jellyfish solves the whole puzzle; I wonder why the boast section is full of UR and Setti ...


by: Klaus


for me to look for Setti is much more natural than for (big-, middle-) fishes. so if, as in this case, one little Setti is enough, i dont even know about fishes.


by: hp

Need one UR (CF89) before applying some BCA, but looked not very careful, so Maybe overlooked something
nice pattern thank you Andrew


by: morl

At the first time solving I used 2 settis, 8 and 6. But at the second time I've found out that Setti 1 is already enough.


by: kolumbus

Hi Klaus, of course it's a matter of taste. Even though Setti is the most powerful instrument in many cases, for me it's more fun to discover wing patterns, instead of counting rows and cols ...


by: Klaus

Hi kolumbus,

i see what you mean. i'm more of the does-not-like-to-think-too-much-and-take-the-easy-way-out-if-possible-guy.


by: kolumbus

Sorry, I have to correct myself: it's just a swordfish on 1, not a jellyfish (it leads to the same consequences as Setti on 1 does).


by: Martin

Why don’t we simply call sea creatures:
- 2X-Wing (= X-Wing)
- 3X-Wing (= Swordfish)
- 4X-Wing (= Jellyfish)
- 5X-Wing (= Starfish)
- and so on
and normal number, row and column definitions?


by: kolumbus

Add to this thread
Hi Martin,
just a guess (I don't know who invented the fish denomination and why):
1. because an X has 4 points/ends – so has an x-wing, but not the other wings
2. oops! - why do we call them "wings"???
3. sea creature names are more romantic :)

By the way: Although e.g. the labeling "Setti" is non-mathematic and neither reasonable at all, I like it: it dignifies the inventor/first noter of the technique.

By the way #2: If language was only logic, it would be boring ...

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This page was last modified on 17-April-2011.
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  • 28' second trial g9 clears the way
       - emil - 1 day ago
  • >40 min No Settis, but some x-wings and swordfishes. Nice one :)
       - Fenatren - 1 day ago
  • 31 min. Nice puzzle.
       - mv - 2 days ago
  • 36' nice and eay
       - ThomasF - 2 days ago
  • 52'. First time I solve an extreme. Used morl's indications of settis.
       - fab - 2 days ago
  • 30min. Fun, but had to redo it 2 times as hit the same mistake both times.
       - D-Day - 3 days ago
  • 37' w/o solver - nice one
       - Hel - 3 days ago
  • 12' - easy one
       - Coco - 3 days ago
  • 41min - I solved it, but it says: unknown error occurred. I can't find one, Are there alternative solutions?
       - wal - 3 days ago
  • 21 min - straight forward logic
       - puh - 3 days ago
  • 45' without solver
       - Uli - 4 days ago
  • 22 min- nice and easy
       - gap wedge - 4 days ago
  • 33:16 with several interruptions - Settis and "watch for singles" was all, that i needed. Enyojable one - thanks!
       - Korbinian Bär - 4 days ago
  • 25:20 min settis & x-wings & fishes
       - joe reitzl - 4 days ago
  • 20 min a few settis, very nice and easy
       - juehe - 5 days ago
  • Less than 12 minutes - really easy.
       - Jan - 5 days ago
  • 28 min - easy.
       - Drefplin - 5 days ago
  • 24 min. on first try - not too hard this time
       - joeB - 5 days ago
  • 23 min. yet at 2nd try
       - Boerny - 5 days ago
  • 25' - straightforward with a ton of settis
       - selecti - 6 days ago
  • 20' mostly setti
       - GT - 6 days ago
  • 26',personal record,after clearing H/Lon AB7 like Domino
       - RD - 6 days ago
  • 52´, pure logic, saved my weekend
       - chris - 6 days ago
  • 17' - x-wing and setti only to unblock
       - guilhas_ms - 6 days ago
  • 27' nice one, quite right for me
       - bookmarc - 6 days ago
  • what means BCA
       - wjanet - 6 days ago
  • what means URs
       - wjanet - 6 days ago
  • erst die setties geklärt, dann ganz einfach
       - wjanet - 6 days ago
  • 28 min setties und logic - nice
       - teerodde - 6 days ago
  • very enjoyable
       - mparmen - 6 days ago