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Since there has been interesting strategy discussion on these puzzles and by popular request, I have opened an archive on the last thirty weeks. The discussion section is open for continued posting.
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Careful elimination and Setti's rule (twice) will solve the whole puzzle. There is no chain needed, nore any guess/tryout. Mind the gap in col 1.


by: Leren

That's why I published an alternative. In fact Andrew's puzzle can be solved in a similar way without clues in C3 and G8.


by: Leren

Yet another typo. I meant C1 and G8.


by: kolumbus

Thanks, Leren, your alternative is the kind of challenge I like. Needed a little chain.


by: Ben

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No chain is needed for Leren's alternative.


I have found another way: E1 is defined (if AB1 is high and also if AB1 is low!). This solves E123, H12345, J24, hi/lo in col 1,.... and so on.


by: Toni

Sorry, I can't follow. For me E1 is 458. How do you come to a decision for one figure?


by: Stefan

@Toni try E1=8... you will get 2 as SC in this compartment, which is not possible in a 6-cell compartment, so E1 != 8, E1-3 is low, and so on


by: jgrab

@ Christoph: Yes, but E1 still remains 45 until C2 is cleared through two Settis applied to row C.


by: Christoph

Yes, I agree. After solving A3,C3,J78,H8, I had setti 4, thus 4 in C and H, setti 8, thus 8 in H and C thus C2=4. Thus E123 = 456 or
876. Thus E1= 4 or 8. Now careful analysis of col 1.


by: pgw

@jgrab and @Christoph - setti 8 and setti 4 solve C2=4, thus E2 not 4. And since E3 and E9 are both no lower than 6, E123 can only be 456 or 789 - not 678. So E1 is either 4 or 8, but then the logic of Christoph's original post compels E1=4.


by: pgw

Um, I did a really bad job reading your posts, which make clear you figured out the setti thing. I don't understand why that leads you to say "yes, but" but anyways you can ignore me now...


by: Christoph

Thanks pgw.
TYPO in my last post.
Correct reading: ....E123 = 456 or 789 (not 678).


by: jgrab

@ pgw: My "but" refered to the fact that Christoph said E1 was defined, which sounds like the definite filling if the cell.


by: Christoph

Sorry, jgrab, for my not really correct english expreesion.


by: Christoph

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This now is a real TYPO: correct: expression.


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Perhaps a more interesting way to Andrew's result.

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  • Axel, another nice one.
       - 31 min - 4 hours ago
  • '25 nice one
       - Ske - 4 hours ago
  • 22' nice, only one setti did it.
       - turbo - 8 hours ago
  • HiLo in 1 always leaves E1 the same, rest is easy.
       - GT - 9 hours ago
  • Great one!
       - A B Traherne - 10 hours ago
  • 49' nice one, CEP and two settis
       - KDN - 11 hours ago
  • 37 min. Settis and careful elimination in row E and col 1. Very nice puzzle.
       - mv - 11 hours ago
  • 20 min. - first I tried, whether AB1 could be 12 or 78. After that I could handle it.
       - Axel - 11 hours ago
  • 45 min. No chains needed
       - Maven - 12 hours ago
  • 2 hours - just logic.nice one ;)
       - Gyrel - 13 hours ago
  • 77 min
       - Kurt - 13 hours ago
  • 25' nice, CEP, large gap and 2 Settis
       - ThomasF - 14 hours ago
  • 15 min - careful elimination and 2 settis
       - ghw - 14 hours ago
  • 29 min liked it a lot, many settis
       - schaaf - 14 hours ago
  • about 45'.Chain needed for hi/lo in column 1.
       - mparmen - 14 hours ago
  • 16 '; mostly Setti
       - Candiru - 14 hours ago
  • the kind of puzzle I like - careful elimination does it
       - easydoesit - 15 hours ago
  • 28' - one chain
       - witch - 15 hours ago
  • Two Settis after careful elimination.
       - jgrab - 16 hours ago
  • 12:59 - with solver support for the routine work - lots of settis and careful elimination - exactly the type of puzzle i like!
       - Korbinian Bär - 16 hours ago
  • like Jo - careful elimination
       - Loser - 16 hours ago
  • 24 min: hi/lo in column 1 and than straight forward
       - JimKnopf - 16 hours ago
  • 49' - exclusions, setis and Christoph's hint. Very nice puzzle
       - gustlsoft - 16 hours ago
  • 59‘ hi/lo in AB1 and lots of setis helped me
       - Gregor - 17 hours ago
  • 45' - needed a small chain for the hi/lo-decision in column 1. easy afterwards.
       - dots - 17 hours ago
  • 27 minutes
       - sepp - 18 hours ago
  • 17' - careful elimination mostly
       - Jo - 18 hours ago
  • lucky guess in D12 (hi/lo) solves.
       - Christoph - 18 hours ago
  • 36' - made a decision in G1, nice one
       - hrw - 19 hours ago