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Since there has been interesting strategy discussion on these puzzles and by popular request, I have opened an archive on the last thirty weeks. The discussion section is open for continued posting.
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X puzzle


by: Pets

Great fun - thanks a lot!
Standard tools, CE and an UR in G5 - J7 solved for me.


by: jgrab

Thanks. Very nice and challenging (almost one hour). CE, 3x3-wings, a naked triple. And some X-based eliminations. A little UR appears to be unnecessary.


by: hago

Stefan, please can you explain the main rules of an X puzzle; thank you!


by: kolumbus

very nice, thank you, Stefan


by: kolumbus

@hago: for the 9-field-diagonals A1-J9 and A9-J1 the same rules are valid as for columns and rows: subsequent digits in every compartment, and every digit only once.


by: Harm

Thank you Stefan, that was challenging pure fun without any chain.


by: kmr

Thank you, very nice, challenging, just a great puzzle.


by: hago

@kolumbus: Thank you very much!


by: Jan

Add to this thread
Nice one! The X constraint breaks the symmetry in J1, then several wings and CE, and at the end the X contraint resolves what would otherwise be a UR - this seems to be a recurring feature in this kind of puzzle.


Hi there. Can you explain me, what settis means? Thanks a lot


by: Butcher

There is a good source of information here:
h t t p s : / /


by: Zogl

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Thank you very much. I will watch out there



by: jgrab

Thanks; an orgy of wings and higher-order creatures.


by: Jan

Yes, I see a lot of wings here, but am stuck at eight solved cells. One candidate in J3 quickly leads to the solution, disproving the other appears to be hard. Suggestions...?


by: aw

My key was the conditional setti on 4: 4 in col 2 if and only if 4 in row H (and the only candidate in H is H9). But 4 in J is either in J2 or in J9 - thus 4 in 2A-C or 4 in 9C-F would lead to a contradiction. That was enough to start things rolling.


by: aw

... after setti 3,5,6,7 and wings on 6,5,7,3 and 2, of course ...


by: Jan

OK, had missed the hidden pair in a column that solves another two cells and turns on a large wing which then solves. Duh, quite something!


by: morl

A hidden pair in col 1 and a 5-fish will help.

This is actually a column 5-fish in ABDFG34567.


by: morl

Oops, cross posting...


by: Jan

aw: Interesting observation! However, I was missing the hidden pair which is required for both your observation and my large wing, both of which incidentally having the exact same eliminations of candidates as a consequence.


by: aw

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@morl, Jan: Indeed, after seven other fishes of order up to 4 I probably was tired and didn't see it this way - so I pulled the net around the big fish ;-)


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By the way, the weekly is easily solvable without the clues in B1 and J4.



by: Astrid

Entertaining! Settis, SI, few x-wings followed by an UR.


by: kolumbus

slightly more difficult than the weekly, I needed an UR argument too; thank you, morl


by: pax

Thank you morl, Didn't see the UR, used a head chain instead.


by: jgrab

Very nice, thanks! After initial Settis, the UR upper left corner helps a lot.


by: Susan

Quite difficult for me, but didn't Need an UR. Didn't see it anyway. Settis, SI and x-wings.


by: Jan

Add to this thread
Susan: Except for one candidate in B3, AB1234 contain (6789) - this would be unresoleable from the rest of the puzzle. With that candidate, the puzzle solves easily after some settis and wings.

Can't see a useful head chain/SI, though.

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This page was last modified on 17-April-2011.
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  • Festival of Settis, but it took me forever
       - Fleurette - 1 day ago
  • Solved with standard technique (no chains).
       - Andrejs - 1 day ago
  • 28 min - very nice
       - Stef - 2 days ago
  • 12 min: nice setti-workout
       - JimKnopf - 2 days ago
  • 2nd try,lots of settis. Very nice.
       - juehe - 2 days ago
  • 25 min, just settis, very nice
       - easydoesit - 2 days ago
  • 11' - on the 2nd try with sover and Setti
       - Carpat - 2 days ago
  • 19', settis indeed
       - tam - 2 days ago
  • Manually without candidates, about an hour - don't know how you can possibly do it in 8 min.! 8-)
       - Jan - 2 days ago
  • 3rd try 30min. Settis settis settis... Uff
       - Gregor - 2 days ago
  • could be handled even without any settis, but took me 46min
       - fred - 2 days ago
  • 42 min
       - Kurt - 2 days ago
  • 18 mins, settis
       - Alex - 3 days ago
  • 11 minutes. wondering if i cheated somewhere because this seems so much faster than everyone else.
       - nina - 3 days ago
  • Many settis needed.
       - mparmen - 3 days ago
  • 33 min. Setti, Setti, Setti.
       - D-Day - 3 days ago
  • 28 min. nice, many setties
       - Boerny - 3 days ago
  • Never ever we had such a lovely setti block-buster
       - Wosy - 3 days ago
  • Settis and attention. 30 min.
       - jgrab - 3 days ago
  • 20 min
       - Loser - 3 days ago
  • 41 min settis, settis und immer wieder settis
       - wjanet - 3 days ago
  • Yep, almost only setti's. And a 3x3 UR in the upper left hand corner which helped (I think). Nice! 24'
       - Marc - 3 days ago
  • 24' - settis and even more settis
       - selecti - 3 days ago
  • a noce one.
       - 26' - 3 days ago
  • settis y mas settis pero no resultado.
       - puzzledone - 3 days ago
  • 29'
       - dots - 3 days ago
  • 33 min - only settis, but really many settis
       - Michael - 3 days ago
  • 19 min. Second try. Only settis
       - Martin - 3 days ago
  • 20 min - second attempt
       - Susan - 3 days ago
  • 43:43; cold temperatures, warm feelings.
       - abracadabra - 3 days ago