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Quick Rules:

Rows and columns are divided into compartments of white squares. Use single numbers to complete a straight for each compartment. A straight is a set of numbers with no gaps and in any order. No single number can repeat in any row or column. Clues in black cells remove that number as an option in that row and column, and are not part of any straight

Version 1.11
See Strategy Overview documentation

Coordinate system: Letter/Number rYcX

New in version 1.11
Ported to HTML5/aspx
New in version 1.10
Added a compartment validation check closer to the editor.
New in version 1.09
Added 'Isolated Digits' strategy thanks to Konrad Kritzinger's prompts (and others).
New in version 1.08
Added 'Required Digits' strategy thanks to Ulrich's excellent examples.
New in version 1.07
Added 'Stranded Sequence' and 'Compartment High/Low' strategies. Many thanks to Konrad Kritzinger for the best tips and others who have pointed out improvements.
New in version 1.06
I have re-written this solver to bring it up-to-date with the other solvers and finally added missing features:
  • automatic state saving (in case you accidentally navigate away)
  • [Save] and [Reload] are now available
  • The [New] button now works and you can create the black and white cells.

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1: Compartment Check  
2: Stranded Digit A  
3: Stranded Sequence A  
4: Compartment High/Low A  
5: High/Low Str8ts (rows) A  
6: High/Low Str8ts (cols) A  
7: Isolated Digit  
8: Required Digits  
9: Stranded Digit B  
10: Stranded Sequence B  
11: Compartment High/Low B  
12: High/Low Str8ts (rows) B 
13: High/Low Str8ts (cols) B 
14: Naked Pairs  
15: Naked Triples  
End Strategies

What's 'A' and 'B'?
I've split these strategies into two. The first time they are called - 'A', they only look for eliminations which return a solution for a cell, ie one number is left. This focuses the solver on the shortest path. If this fails, 'B' is called, which returns all eliminations, if any are possible.

Please report any bugs. Tested in IE, Firefox, Safari and Opera

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Solver created on 21-Nov-2008.
Solver updated on 16-Dec-2022.
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