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Str8ts Solver Version History

Version 1.12.2 (July 22nd 2024)
Changed the [Take Step] to not pause if nothing is found on Compartment Check. Should speed up clicking through a puzzle in a similar way to the Sudoku solvers. Same number of click to get to any result.

I think I've got to the bottom of the pink message box. This is supposed to be an error handler but one of the error message strings was not being initialised and occasionally filled with a byte or two and false returned instead of the result.

Version 1.12 (July 6th 2024)
After some time I've given the Str8ts solver some love.
  • Added packed strings for easy transportation of candidate information. The URL parameter ?brd= can accept the traditional 162 (clues+black/whites) string or the new 243 long packed string. There will be an article on this shortly.

  • [Email this board] in a new popup with the packed string option.

  • New [Import a Str8ts] button for str8ts import

  • Cookie now uses the packed string

  • Added a 'Candidates can be Edited / Highlighted / Coloured similar to the Sudoku solvers

  • Preparation for Setti!

Version 1.11
Ported to HTML5/aspx

Version 1.10
Added a compartment validation check closer to the editor.

Version 1.09
Added 'Isolated Digits' strategy thanks to Konrad Kritzinger's prompts (and others).

Version 1.08
Added 'Required Digits' strategy thanks to Ulrich's excellent examples.

Version 1.07
Added 'Stranded Sequence' and 'Compartment High/Low' strategies. Many thanks to Konrad Kritzinger for the best tips and others
who have pointed out improvements.

Version 1.06
I have re-written this solver to bring it up-to-date with the
other solvers and finally added missing features:
  • automatic state saving (in case you accidentally navigate away)

  • [Save] and [Reload] are now available

  • The [New] button now works and you can create the black and white cells.



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