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Dec 2014:
We've had several reports that its not working on iOS 8. We're not sure why. Unfortunately, we are reliant on a third party for the development of this app and they have not provided a solution, or the project files for us to look at. I suspect if we can't resolve this we'll have to withdraw the app.

Current Version 3.5

The latest version, version 3.5 has been re-written from scratch. We are hoping this cures the ingame crashes when you switch to a new puzzle. With version 3.x we have replaced the puzzles so you have brand new puzzles to play. Please let us know if you have any problems with the game.

Str8ts 6x6 for the iPhone ($0.99) is now available!
We have also put a 20 game Str8ts Lite (6x6) version on iTunes for free!
Keep an eye on this web site!

Jeff Widderich

This web site is dedicated to supporting your iPhone application and the 'Str8ts' application puzzle.

If you have any problems or questions about the 'Str8ts' iPhone application - We want to hear about them!.

You can enjoy our Daily Str8ts puzzles which can be played on-line using our simpler web player.

We are very interested to hear about your feedback, and not just about Str8ts, but any of our puzzles.

Please feel free to contact us:

Andrew Stuart -
Jeff Widderich -

And do check out our sister puzzle sites -, and

Other puzzles for the iPhone include '1 to 25' and Domino Dice

Coming soon: Str8ts Lite (6x6)

Andrew Stuart

Stuck? You can view the solutions to the puzzles by selecting the puzzle here:

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