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New version March 2016!

Overplayed Sudoku? Try Str8ts ™ - the best new number puzzle game.

Str8ts is a number puzzle that is easy to learn, has simple rules, requires no math skills and is addictive as Sudoku. Few puzzles have the amount of depth and variety as Str8ts. You are encouraged to find multiple solving techniques as you progress between different levels of difficulties.

Like Sudoku you need to place numbers uniquely in each row and column. But the dark blue cells add a new dimension. These divide the rows and columns into compartments which work like a poker hand - you have to make sure the numbers are like a 'straight', like 5,6,7 and 8 - but they can be in any order. There are clues to start you off and ensure the puzzle has just one solution. The clues in dark blue cells rule out that number in the row and column and can't be used as part of a straight.

Example Str8ts Puzzle
Example Str8ts Puzzle
For this app we've splashed out on smart functionality, easy to use controls, help and an app tutorial, cool graphics and plenty of puzzles.

All the puzzles created for this game were made by Andrew Stuart, who has published puzzles in many newspapers around the world.

Features of Str8ts:
- 4000 puzzles split between 4 levels of difficulty. 20 puzzles available for free.
- unlimited depth of undo/redo actions.
- two modes of entering a 'note' or a solution value.
- best solution time stored for every puzzle.
- step by step live tutorial explaining how to play the Str8ts App.
- Rules and Controls screens explaining how to play Str8ts and how to use the app.

Str8ts was successfully pitched by Jeff Widderich on Dragon's Den Canada (Season 5, Episode 8) and three dragons wanted to make a deal.
Options Screen
Options Screen

Str8ts HD is available on both the iPad and iPhone

The following link will take you to the Apple Store within your iTunes program.
You need iTunes to purchase this game for your iPad or iPhone

Str8ts 9x9 - Buy Now

Str8ts HD is free to install. Packs of puzzle can be purchased in-game
$0.99US unlocks the next 50 puzzles on every level
$2.99US unlocks the next 250 puzzles - 1000 in total

Developped by Łukasz Brzezowski and Paweł Machowski
Puzzles by Andrew Stuart and Jeff Widderich

We sincerely hope you enjoy the puzzles as much as we enjoyed making them

Andrew Stuart
Unlocking new puzzles First page of Tutorial
First page of Tutorial

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