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Welcome to the home of Str8ts
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Daily Str8ts

Welcome to the Daily Str8ts Puzzle.

New Player v2.19 More layout tweaks for specific phone sizes. 2.18 - Had a lot of requests for a number pad version of the player since keyboards are too big and clunky on many phone devices. But don't worry desktop users! You can revert to the normal player in the new settings popup. Click on the cog icon.

Comments and bug reports very welcome: feedback page.
This Str8ts can be completed directly on the web page. If you prefer keyboard entry choose that option in settings (the cog icon). If you get stuck - click on Send to Solver! Note: If you don't see any numbers please check you have javascript enabled
Supporters can play all four grades each day

Supporters can now access seven weeks of the archive.

Str8ts is copyrighted and trademarked - neither the concept nor any puzzle can be reproduced or copied without permission

Just in case anyone is still using the old ipad and iphone players, I will keep the buttons here.
But I intend to retire them before long.
Str8ts iPhone Player
Str8ts iPad Player

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