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Standard License

  1. All puzzles remain the property of Syndicated Puzzles Inc. They may not be syndicated, rented, loaned or sold by any other party without the written consent of Syndicated Puzzles. All puzzles published by Syndicated Puzzles are invented and created by Syndicated Puzzles. They are protected by copyright.
  2. Puzzles may not be modified, altered or changed in any way which alters the meaning, tone or general context of the puzzles, or which disguises the origin of the puzzle.
  3. Any and all copyright or trademark notice(s) in each puzzle must not be altered or deleted.
  4. In the event that a customer makes alterations, changes or deletions to purchased Syndicated Puzzles published material which alter the meaning or tone of the material, render it libelous or injurious to any third party, or infringe on the copyright, trademark, trade name, or literary or artistic or other property or any other rights of any person, firm or corporation, the customer shall indemnify and save harmless Syndicated Puzzles to the extent of any and all expense and liability, including attorneys' fees incurred in such connection.
  5. Str8ts is a trademark of Syndicated Puzzles Inc.
  6. Based on current standard pricing, US$5 for Str8ts, US$5 Sudoku puzzles, US$5 for Sudoku Variants, all puzzles are provided for one publication only
  7. Each purchase of any puzzle(s) from Syndicated Puzzles Inc is delineated towards a specific publication.
  8. This agreement shall be construed in accordance with and governed by the Laws of British Columbia and Canada.

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