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Welcome to the home of Str8ts
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Welcome to the home of Str8ts

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Looking for puzzles for your newspaper?

Sudoku + Str8ts
Str8ts is available as a print puzzle for all newspapers, magazines and books at a reasonable price. We discount heavily for multiple puzzles per issue and for bulk orders.

We also have a great no-cost solution for any community newsletter, magazine, school or collage newspaper: Print ready Str8ts and/or Sudoku files in PDF format - simply register and download. Our four layouts are organized into five time periods: 3 times a week, twice a week, weekly, every two weeks and monthly. For Daily prints, please let us quote.
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Deeper strategies discussed - Step by step solver

Str8ts is available in four grades as a print puzzle for newspapers, magazines and books.

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For deeper strategies we have
And we've created a special
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Contains 4 Str8ts puzzles, one of each grade, every day
as well as Sudoku, Killer Sudoku, Jigsaw Sudoku and Kakuro
5 Daily Puzzles

Asymmetrical Str8ts

Our Dragon's Den pitch is up on CBC. Many thanks for all positive responses - and we still want to hear from you if you saw the episode. If you'd like to try Str8ts - or any of our puzzles - in your newspaper or magazine, let us know. If you've come here to try the puzzle, welcome, and happy solving :)
Dragon's Den
Click on this link for our full pitch
Str8ts Books 1 and 2

Str8ts 9x9, Str8ts 6x6 and Str8ts Lite are available on
the iPhone / iTouch and Str8ts 9x9 on all Android devices.

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