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Since there has been interesting strategy discussion on these puzzles and by popular request, I have opened an archive on the last thirty weeks. The discussion section is open for continued posting.
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by:Scrooge Leren

The Ghost of Christmas yet to come has shown me the error of my ways, and that Stefan's latest puzzle is pretty difficult. So I've added a clue to make it a bit easier but still challenging and extreme.


by: jgrab

I must confess that I don't see a difference between the two versions; both offer the same 10 clues. And both don't indicate proper solution.


by: Stefan

@jgrab what do you mean by "don't indicate proper solution"?


by: jgrab

@Stefan: That the middle 81 numbers in the feed are not specified (which compare your inserts against the correct solution and allow for a meaningful congratulatulation message at the end).


by: jgrab

@ Stefan
Addendum: ... which is only a matter of (in)convenience. Now, the (meaningles) message pops up as soon as you enter candiates.


by: Stefan

@jgrab sorry, but in the proper solution is included...


by: KDN

It seems that Santa has addedd the 1 in E5. The first time I uploaded the puzzle this digit was missing.


by: KDN

@Stefan and jgrab
How bizzare, whet I upload Santa Stefans puzzle I get the 1 in E5 and no proper solution. When ThomasF is doing the same there is no 1 in E5 but he got a proper solution. Any idea how this can happen?


by: Stefan

The facts are:
- has a correct solution included, and no 1 in E5
- has no correct solution (it includes 2 times the clues and one time the b/w fields) and a 1 in E5

since the URLs are very similar, you may get fooled by your browser (if he already knows both URLs, there may be "auto completion" or some browser cache issue, so my URL mutates to Lerens URL.

@Leren: pls use different names, looks like the similar puzzle names are causing confusion.


by: jgrab

@ Stefan et. al
I must apologize; I fell prey to the autocompletion function of my browser. All of my above posts were b****t (except for the solution numbers not included in Leren's post). After my harddisk was broken last week, I had to install everything again - and obviosly missed to reset all auto-functions.


by: Scrooge Leren

Add to this thread
Ive corrected the transcript for the modified puzzle.

should be correct.

by:Santa Stefan


by: Bansalsaab

Great puzzle Stefan. Thanks.


by: Bansalsaab

Add to this thread
Try to put a 7 in D1 or J1, both will give you D2=6. Before and after that it is full set of tools.


Nice extreme puzzle.
I used one simple head chain (street interaction) for deciding E89 hi/lo (maybe not necessary), UR arguments and settis.


by: Ben

Add to this thread
I didn't need any head chain

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This page was last modified on 17-April-2011.
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  • 23 min. not too difficult
       - alf - 5 hours ago
  • 28' - loaded with unique rectangles
       - Jo - 7 hours ago
  • 1 hour 5 min.- second try
       - Nessie - 8 hours ago
  • 14 min - logig only, very straightforward
       - Susan - 10 hours ago
  • 21 min with a guess
       - Cminor - 11 hours ago
  • 12' just logic but nice
       - easydoesit - 11 hours ago
  • Setti on 2, UR and large gaps
       - j - 11 hours ago
  • 29:45 settis, fishes, x-wing - a nice one!
       - joe reitzl - 12 hours ago
  • 30 min. with a lucky guess
       - Stadtlicht - 13 hours ago
  • 31' with one hint from the solver
       - Jan - 13 hours ago
  • 54 min.
       - mparmen - 14 hours ago
  • 46', with a slow brain
       - jgrab - 16 hours ago
  • 25' - nice one, pure logic
       - Earnie - 17 hours ago
  • 22 min: UR and setti, nice
       - JimKnopf - 17 hours ago
  • 1:22 - Very nice !
       - Tosthene - 18 hours ago
  • 12 '; UR, Setti and naked pair
       - Candiru - 18 hours ago
  • 34 min
       - Sepp - 19 hours ago
  • 38' nice one - not too easy, not too hard, settis, x-wings and UR
       - KDN - 19 hours ago
  • 30 min very nice setti ur
       - Mikel - 19 hours ago
  • 45' nice
       - ThomasF - 19 hours ago
  • 20 min
       - Loser - 19 hours ago
  • 45min
       - Kurt - 20 hours ago
  • bit of a struggle this time
       - essie - 20 hours ago
  • 32' nice one, UR, setti, thank you Andrew
       - hrw - 20 hours ago
  • 18:15
       - Eliot - 20 hours ago
  • 58' - settis, wings and UR decisions. Very nice one
       - gustlsoft - 21 hours ago
  • 48 min., solver helps. One lucky guess.
       - Martin - 21 hours ago
  • 60 min - wouldn't have needed a chain if using that the solution must be unique, nice one!
       - Rafael - 21 hours ago
  • 39 min - UR considerations and Settis. Nice one!
       - onnola - 21 hours ago
  • Not too hard
       - Greg - 22 hours ago