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Since there has been interesting strategy discussion on these puzzles and by popular request, I have opened an archive on the last thirty weeks. The discussion section is open for continued posting.
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thanks Weatherman for your kind words, now and always.
hope i did not upset you with the "crime story" i launched some time ago, was a bit unlucky.


by: Berny

Thank you very much, Klaus!!!

I needed a 5fish, a 3fish, a 4fish, two eliminations of numbers which would lead to an UR, a setti and at the end a small chain/headchain - the whole toolbox!

Any chance to avoid the chain?


by: Leren

No chains or UR's here. The key moves were compartment interactions in Columns 2 and 3 (twice) and Row E.


by: Berny

@Leren: I guess your second interaction between col3, col2 and rowE is the same as my "headchain".


by: Ben

I agree with Leren, no chain needed. I also didn't use any Setti. First a starfish, which led to a swordfish. There was also an X-wing.

An excellent puzzle.


by: Leren

Add to this thread
@ Berny

I might have been a bit too short with words in my previous post.

The compartments interactions were 1. In Column 2, 2. In Column 3, 3. In Row E and 4. In Column 3 again after a certain digit is a must via a fish.

My understanding is that none of these moves would be considered a chain as they only involve one row or column.


@Klaus: many thanks for your sophisticated "309-more" is always a pleasure to tackle your additional extremes!!-- But as the weather has changed for the worse in nearly all Europe, I politely ask whether you still have further one in your drawer.-- The whole forum will grateful for your understanding!!--


by: Berny

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Full support! Terrible weather, brrrr....


Did not know if everybody regognized that jgrab gave us an additional one yesterday


by: jgrab

In fact, it was on Friday, and it came from Klaus' stock.


by: KDN

Thanks for presenting Klaus' puzzle. Was a great one after the right guess in C4


by: Harm

I had two cadidates for C4. Is there a way to solve this without guessing?


by: KDN

Add to this thread
IMO there are three candidates 1,7 and 9
I needed a guess


a little evening fun:


by: Alex

Thank you for that hard nut. I needed a guess to decide where the 4 in the 1st row must be (but I'll try again later).


by: hp

similar to me
would be interested if there is way without chain
Thank you Klaus and welcome back as puzzle creator


by: Klaus

no chain


by: jgrab

If not a chain, it took me "heavy thinking" to show that E9 <> 4. The rest was easy. Welcome back, Klaus!


by: kolumbus

Thank You, Klaus, for the very nice puzzle!
Chainless solution hint for Alex, hp, jgrab: Look four a jelly fish!


by: Maily

Fun for the early morning too!
No chain, unusual for Klaus!


by: Klaus

Hi kolumbus,

funny how our brain mixes things "Look four a jelly fish!" (i assume it was not on purpose, if so, even better)


by: Stefan

Welcome back, Klaus. And thanks, pure fun


by: Christoph

Hi Klaus,
real fun. No chain, no tools. Thanks.


by: CL

How do you get rid of E9?=4 ?

Or is the fishy fist something other than ACDE1457@#4?

For me, the chainy (dis-)proval of A5 turned out to be trivial...trying to understand the analytic solution.


by: pkf

@CL: Three rows and three columns are correct ;-)
You do not have to remove the 4 from E9 ......


by: kolumbus

Add to this thread
Hi CL,
to get the jelly fish, you must have excluded 4 from E1 (4 is mandatory on E4579).
The fish I meant is 4 on ADEJ4579 (rows) -> removes 4 from C4 and H459 -> the rest is quite easy.


Reply to this post
You missed the Unique Rectangles and their consequences. Once you spot them it is simple elimination followed by just no setti, which can be done visually on the web page.


Reply to this post
You missed the Unique Rectangles and their consequences. Once you spot them it is simple elimination followed by just one setti, which can be done visually on the web page.


I needed a head chain in GHJ6, unless I have overlooked something.


by: Klaus

Hi Christoph,

me too, but a very small one. can be done by hand, so maybe a hand chain.


by: Kd19

Me too - I would call it a hidden UR in GHJ6.


by: jgrab

One of the alternatives for GHJ6 leads into a UR situation in the lower left. But I neither had the head nor the hand to easily overlook this. Even after that decision, I found it rather difficult.


by: Christoph

Klaus, K, J:
thanks for your comment. I simply have not seen this UR.


by: KDN

Evan after the UR and it's consequences a hard but nice one.


by: hp

I Need beside the mentioned UR another one ACE12; maybe because i had no Paper and pencil. Greetings from Toskana.


by: hp

Typo ADE12


by: Marc

The "UR" previously described on GHJ6 (which is actually a row), I suppose it involves GHJ236? It is a nice one, not easy to spot. Thanks for that.

After this solution, you end up in a situation where D5689 remove 56 from D12.

Immediately A12 combines with D12 and E12 on two X-wings on 8 and 7 respectively.

Somewhere in the process C6 and J1 lose candidates because of UR's in their area.
HJ6 forms X-wings with HJ4 and HJ7 that leads to removal of even more candidates.
Finally HJ467 combine with HJ1 to remove 9 from DE1.
From then on it is mostly singles.

A lot of 4- and 6-cell groups to look at. Even an 8-cell group to take into account.


by: ralph maier

solved it my solution is similar toones mentioned i used the URs mentioned by the way i agree thatthe ur inGHJ6 is a bit hidden ialso ued quite a few X vwings in column 1 2 and row HJ to simplify


by: Leren

Perhaps someone can explain this GHJ6 UR. I can't see it.


by: Ben

I also don't see the UR. The possible 1 in J3 prevents it being a UR.

Instead I concentrated on row D. Testing D123=56 led to a UR in the lower corner. Then a simpler UR in DE56 resolved the puzzle.


by: Leren

@ Ben

I must be having a bad day. I agree with you about the GHJ6 non-UR but now I can't see your lower corner UR with D123=56.


by: Klaus

GHJ6 low forces J1=1, so there is no 1 in J3.


by: Leren

Add to this thread
@ Klaus

OK got it. Thanks Klaus.

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       - chris - 7 hours ago
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       - joeB - 15 hours ago
  • took al very long time. but done! liked it!
       - steffi - 1 day ago
  • 1:17 hard one
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  • 43' - very nice one, I used one Setti and a bunch of wings
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  • several chains needed :(. But: nevertheless well-ballanced difficulty. Thanks!
       - - 1 day ago
  • Col6 chain, else str84ward.
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  • 36' best yet!
       - jimawa - 2 days ago
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  • 31 min with a lucky guess on column 6 like others said before
       - Cirrusminor - 2 days ago
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       - un - 2 days ago
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       - KDN - 2 days ago
  • Sorry - it was three settis, all done visually
       - J - 2 days ago
  • Simple elimination, two? UR and their consequences, some X-Wings and one setti which can be done visually on the web page
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  • 21 min - a nice one
       - ghw - 2 days ago
  • 1 h with solver - for me a hard blut nice one
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