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Since there has been interesting strategy discussion on these puzzles and by popular request, I have opened an archive on the last thirty weeks. The discussion section is open for continued posting.
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by:Andrew Stuart

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Hi All. Sorry about the issues around the players falling apart this week. The problem was peculiar to this weeks puzzle in that the numbers were mucking up the solution checker. I've reworked that now


i need help.
the daily puzzle only shows blanks, no access to my daily drug anymore and i'm on cold turkey now.

web admin, please give me back my daily dose

co-addicts, does one of you maybe know the trick how to get charged again?



by: Klaus

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for first help there are daily Str8ts available at:


For a few days there are only white (empty) squares in assymetrical on the screen. The rest works normally. Even Daily of the same day.


by: Vicus

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Oh-oh,now the Daily is empty too. Help, please...We miss it!


Daily doesn't work. Weekly works.

javascript console logs:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'value' of null
at set_square (ASStr8ts.js?v1.111:113)
at load_board (ASStr8ts.js?v1.111:268)
at onload (ASStr8tsDark.htm:20)
set_square @ ASStr8ts.js?v1.111:113
load_board @ ASStr8ts.js?v1.111:268
onload @ ASStr8tsDark.htm:20
ASStr8ts.js:118 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'value' of null
at set_square (ASStr8ts.js?v1.112:118)
at load_board (ASStr8ts.js?v1.112:261)

note...seems to be trying to load two different verions of ASStr8ts.js . And passing a null which screws up displaying the board.


by: Stefan

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@james did you report this to Andrew?


Please, is there any solution for our problem???? I and some other guys see only blank grids. I do not see any numbers or any black cells as well. I tried some different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge...), nothing works. It was functional few days back.


by: witch

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for me it's ok right now. the problem seems to be solved



by: Bansalsaab

Thanks Stefan for this. Quite enjoyable if one doesn't mind URs. I don't know the difficulty level of this for folks who don't like URs.


by: jgrab

Very challenging! However, I found my way into the puzzle through large gaps, particularly D9/G9 and its consequences on B9. Only towards the end, one UR helped. So there may be different approaches.


by: Leren

Solvable without URs with a short chain/Street Interaction near the end.


by: Harm

I also used one UR in the end - thank you, Stefan for this nice puzzle.


by: hone

Thank you for this nice pattern.
As there is symmetry a skewed variant can be derived


by: hp

one of the best CEP i ever made, thank you very much Stefan very nice pattern
my way was a hidden quadriple, xwing on 3, pseudo large gap row J and finally a UR wiht Impact for F4,


by: Christoph

a really excellent challenge, Stefan.
I used ( maybe not all needed):
4-cells-street interaction excludes 1 from J7, then large gaps, 2 URs, and a couple of xwings. No chain needed.


by: Christoph

I have forgotten to mention 2 or 3 settis.


by: Jan

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This puzzle is really excellent...I have never seen a situation like the one in column 9 previously, where two large gaps cooperate to make progress! And "large gap" seems to be the theme of this puzzle...

So the large gaps in D9, G9, J4, F1 lead to a lot of progress, then there is an x-wing 3 in between, later you have a 3-wing 8 and an x-wing 7. This gives you 30 solved cells. Now you either use a chain to decide which column is without 8, or there is a UR in the upper middle that also does the job. Anybody with a better alternative in that position...?


@Klaus/Stefan/Leren et al.: the weather in nearly whole Europe is deteriorating in this weak... a nice and sophisticated extreme could improve the situation considerably!!!--- Many thanks in advance for your understanding and support!!


by: Berny

General agreement!


by: Harm

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full support - although I can´t argue with the weather (in northern Portugal we currently have a sunny spring)


I have checked Andrew's puzzle in his solver. It gets to 35 solved cells where there is an obvious single 3 in A7 that it does not see. Putting the 3 into A7 then the solver manages to complete the puzzle.

My understanding is that if Andrew's solver can solve a puzzle it should not be put up as a Weekly Extreme. I'll report the bug to Andrew to see what he does about it.


by: Leren

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Andrew replied to my email and said that he was aware of a bug in the Str8ts solver whereby the correct solution isn't recognized, and he was fixing it. Maybe that will address some of the problems mentioned below.

Seems like there is a problem. I see only blank grids.I do not see any numbers or any black cells as well. Tried both in Chrome and Firefox (latest versions as of 2/19/2017). It was functional few days back.


by: Anna

I encountered the same issue... I used Chrome and Safari for Mac. I didn't do any browser updates recently, which could explain the issue. Would be great if that could be solved. Was looking forward to this week's extreme str8ts :)


by: Chrissie

The same problem at my side - only blank grids.


by: witch

same here. for all my browsers :'(


by: jgrab

On one of my computers, I encounter the same problem (with Firefox). Only blank cells. However, if I use the print option, I can make the puzzle visible - at least.


by: Anna

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Thanks jgrab for the hint :-)
I copied the print version into the solver and was able to solve it online. That seems to be the only fix that works.
It requires a bit of an effort, but it's worth it.


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This one seems easy. No Setti's, wings or URs.


Same cells wrong answer happened to me. Couldn't find a mistake



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I Found same solution with result of same fault-message. Has anybody found another solution compared to Henne's below? If so: Can you report it here please to check if there is indeed a missing uniqueness?

by:Henner Kinder

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I put in the correct solution
but get the answer: oops, some cells are wrong
weekly extreme str8ts 348



by: ghw

Thanks for the nice puzzle - done by fishes and x-wings


by: kolumbus

I liked it too, thank you Stefan!
Besides wings and fishes, careful elimination is required.


by: ThomasF

thanks Stefan, very nice. Wings, fishes and CEP


by: Harm

Thank you, Stefan for this chainfree puzzle.


by: jgrab

Thank you, Stefan. Very good and interesting - on an excellent extreme level.


by: hp

excellent puzzle ty Stefan
shortest path i found:
xwing on 8, swordfish on 8, Jellyfish on 2, jellyfish on 5, xwing on 6 and solving


by: Jan

Seven cells solved, after the two wings on 8: IMO, there is no 4-wing on 2 because 2 ist not a must in C1-6.
There is also a 3-wing on 4, but it doesn't help over and above the other mentioned wings.


by: hp

@ Jan:
you are right, that was a lucky failure of me.
Now i must look to antoher path


by: Ben

I was able to solve 8 cells using wings, then I needed some simple logic to solve J1, and the rest was straight-forward.


by: Leren

At 7 solved cells, after the xwing on 8, there is also an xwing on 7 in FG23 that hasn't been mentioned. Perhaps that will clear up some solving problems.


by: Christoph

After having solved 7 cells (A6,B67,F7,G67,H1) I had solved it via a chain testing E1.
What was your 8th solved cell ?


by: Christoph

ok, now I see the solved cell number 8. It is C5, solved via a j-fish on 5. I had not seen that fish in my first approach.


by: Christoph

Now, having solved C5, you can exclude the high candidate in C4 (by analysing C4-F4) and thus the high candidate in C1, which solves E1 and thus the puzzle.
Excellent puzzle, Klaus!


by: Christoph

Sorry, Stefan. It is your puzzle, not Klaus'.


by: Jan

Sorry, can't reproduce that jellyfish on 5!


by: Ben

Jan, the jellyfish in the last 4 columns.

Thanks Christoph, I totally missed the eliminations in CDEF4. My alternative solution was that if E1=8 row C would include a 2, so row J could not include a 2. So, either solution for E1 resulted in J1=3.


by: hp

yes that's it the Elimination in C4 and C1 is the key and replaces the jfish on2.
nice path


by: Jan

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Damn, dunno why I didn't see that! 8-) - Thanks!

And it's a nice elimination in C4, none too obvious...

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       - uli - 1 hour ago
  • 8' definitely not a 5*
       - martijn - 2 hours ago
  • 16 min, nice. No problems with blank cells etc. Solution was correctly confirmed "you have completed..." Thanks!
       - Boerny - 5 hours ago
  • 12 min pure logic
       - bewr - 6 hours ago
  • 15 min - pure logic and it doesn't tell me I'm wrong :O
       - Str8ts-Solver - 6 hours ago
  • cookies!
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  • same to me, comment of the inventor?
       - fred - 10 hours ago
  • help please blank extreme and blank daily puzzle i'm on cold turkey and it sucks
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  • First the blank puzzle then the message that my solution is wrong. Well, this is irritating.
       - essie - 1 day ago
  • 17 min. but it tells me too, its wrong, but I cannot find a wrong solution. This week is carneval. at Str8ts
       - Axel - 1 day ago
  • 35 min. too long, right solution, checked twice, although it told me it's wrong
       - Wilfried - 1 day ago
  • 9:14
       - genie - 1 day ago
  • 11 min all solved, checked and re-checked, but it tells me, its wrong...
       - juehe - 1 day ago
  • got also a "wrong" solution after 20 min of pure logic. double checked it, the "wrong" solution is valid
       - EC - 1 day ago
  • 20min - right solution but it told me I´m wrong - obviously a funny one this time. At least I could see the numbers and fill the blanks :)
       - silke - 1 day ago
  • Wow! Only filling 123 into E7, and then: "Congratulations! You have completed the Str8ts Puzzle!" Easiest solution I ever had!!!
       - Fullfiller - 2 days ago
  • i think "required digit" doesn`t work correct, otherwise the solver should find the solution for "a7"
       - gandalf_69 - 2 days ago
  • took me 3 min to find all 131 681 894 400 solutions. Did I miss any ?
       - Juehe - 2 days ago
  • Thank you for the tip about printed version. Quite enjoyable, for got to stop the time
       - hildi - 2 days ago
  • blank space? try print Version!!!
       - relijo - 2 days ago
  • 13 min - nice - pure logic
       - relijo - 2 days ago
  • this is easy 1 2 3 4 5 ... 2 3 4 5 6... 3 4 5 6 7 ...
       - boots - 2 days ago
  • only blanks everywhere, what happened?
       - EC - 2 days ago
  • No chance to see anything than a blank space... :-(
       - UR - 2 days ago
  • Same here. Blank daily and extreme puzzles.
       - Myk - 3 days ago
  • I am also getting blank puzzles this week, both normal and extreme
       - ttbass - 3 days ago
  • auch ich glaube an eine richtige Lösung - oder handelt es sich um alternative Fakten? Und alles in nur 10 Minuten
       - flowermount - 3 days ago
  • 18', rather easy, but "wrong cells"
       - joeB - 3 days ago
  • 10". The one which is correct but is marked wrong is the 9 in the first column. Just a typo I am sure.
       - Maven - 4 days ago
  • 22' without solver - but some cells are wrong??
       - uli - 4 days ago