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Since there has been interesting strategy discussion on these puzzles and by popular request, I have opened an archive on the last thirty weeks. The discussion section is open for continued posting.
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Just completed my very first Extreme! finished over two days. prob about 1hr and 15 mins total.
Used logic, xwings and settis!


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last week heavy, this week easier


As Andrew's puzzle seems too easy this week I'm sure the Str8ts addicts will be desperate for another challenge. I've posed this one in three levels of difficulty.

1. Easy

2. Harder

3. No more Mr Nice Guy !


by: Tati

Sorry, Leren - number 3 is quite a nice one, solvable smoothly with careful elimination!
And you`re definitely a nice guy posting this!


by: Ollie

Never before saw a puzzle with only 3 given digits! Thanks for that!


by: Bansalsaab

Agreed. 3 is solvable but not easy for sure.


by: selecti

"easy" took me 44 minutes. I think I'll skip the other ones :).


by: Harm

@Leren: enjoyed #3 very much - very careful eliminations and some wings. Thank you for this nice puzzle.


by: jgrab

#1 and #2 are not too easy as well ...


by: Toni

I tried number 3. After - as I thought - very careful elimination I have found only two additional digits. - Who can help and give a hint?


by: Harm

@Toni: I guess, you found two 4s. Careful elimination in J5-J8 and in column 5 were my next steps


by: kplask


I'm new to the extreme and the comments.

how do i access the puzzles you posted?


2. Harder

3. No more Mr Nice Guy !



by: Leren

Three easy steps :

1. Copy a Transcript name eg

2. Open a new tab in your browser.

3. Paste the Transcript name into the URL box at the top and press .


by: Leren

Step 3 should say :

Paste the Transcript name into the URL box at the top and press the Enter key.


by: Jan

Hmm, for _2 and _3 I have 9 and 10 solved cells, respectively, and can't see a way forward...would you have a suggestion where to look? Thanks!


by: Jan

Argh - as usual, just after writing the reply above I saw a 3-wing for _2...but _3 still has me stumped...


by: Ben

For #3, I have just 9 cells solved (E789, G789, H89, J8). I can't see any fish that will move me forward.


by: Harm

@Ben: Very careful elimination in row 5 solves J5, J6 , Fp C8, C9.
Then looking at row H solves H3 and E3. Afterwards it is time for wings.


by: Ben

Harm, I can't see it. I have several possibilities for col 5.
- CDEF5=2345, HJ5=67, A5=1/8
- CDEF5=5678, HJ5=34, A5=1/2
- CDEF5=6789, HJ5=34/45, A5=1/2/3/5

I don't seem to be able to eliminate any of them.


by: Ben

So, HJ5=67 can be eliminated by doing a very simple street interation with HJ6. I earlier was also able to eliminate J5=2 with a similar 4-cell street interaction.

These are very simple eliminations, but they are street interactions as they involve two columns.


by: Jan

@Ben: Sorry, mixed up _2 and_3 - it's 10 and 9 cells, respectively. The fish definitely is for _2, but after that no further progress...

@Harm: Can't see how you can solve the cells you mention by elimination - the 3-wing I saw does solve C89 for _2, but nothing else. Please let us know a bit more in detail your elimination argument!


by: Ben

Add to this thread
I also see that H5=4,J5=5, makes J6=4,H6=3,F6=2,F5=? - so J5=4 - again a street interaction - which solves J56.

I assume this is the approach you took. I had assumed from what everyone said that it could be solved without street interactions.

Am I missing something?

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This page was last modified on 17-April-2011.
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  • 17' - easy one but nice
       - Jo - 3 hours ago
  • nice, if you don't make mistakes,,,,
       - un - 5 hours ago
  • 22`07``- easy and nice, but 3 attempts
       - fred - 11 hours ago
  • 29' - really easy. x-wings only
       - gustlsoft - 12 hours ago
  • 13'19'' an easy one.
       - Mike - 13 hours ago
  • 20'23'' - first try. logic only.
       - joeB - 13 hours ago
  • 25' - nice one
       - hrsx - 15 hours ago
  • 16`
       - Katjulik - 15 hours ago
  • 19' min nice starter
       - UR - 16 hours ago
  • 17' x-wings an one UR - no settis needed
       - Axel - 17 hours ago
  • 16' str8 logic
       - ttbass - 18 hours ago
  • 28' two settis . much easier than last weeks.
       - kplask - 1 day ago
  • 23'
       - The Red Jaguar - 1 day ago
  • If it's gonna be this easy, post 2 puzzles please.
       - essie - 1 day ago
  • 17'
       - Coco - 1 day ago
  • 20'. Very easy. Just one setti.
       - innsteg - 1 day ago
  • 22' by hand - one setti and then for longs minutes didn't see the consequence of the 8 in row A - argh!
       - Jan - 1 day ago
  • Trallallaallala 39
       - uli - 1 day ago
  • 28 min - nice
       - Steve - 1 day ago
  • 13', really easy
       - humptidumpti - 1 day ago
  • 26' - nice
       - Elfriede - 1 day ago
  • 21' .. one setti helped
       - Peter - 1 day ago
  • 17' nice-n easy
       - Ske - 1 day ago
  • 13' - nice and easy
       - malue74 - 1 day ago
  • nice one, approx. 30 min.
       - Boerny - 1 day ago
  • Easy
       - TOM - 1 day ago
  • 19' - easy - straightforward - no setti
       - J - 1 day ago
  • 25' nice
       - sumsum - 1 day ago
  • 20 min nice one
       - schaaf - 1 day ago
  • 26' due to partial blindness
       - selecti - 1 day ago